B Pausa, (who am I, where I am)

Here is the essentials.

Who I am is a former Army veteran, I got out of service in 2009 after 7.5 years as a E-5.  I have been all around the U.S. and around parts of the world (Korea, Iraq)  I have a son who is 10 years old (Alex).  I have been in school for a while, currently I am at UNR working toward a Management degree.

Who I am is not as important as where I am (In life).  I live here in Reno Nevada.  Well, I ended up here when I hit bottom 4 years ago.  I had a hard time, mostly self imposed, when I transitioned out of the Army in 2009.  I ended up in some legal trouble here in Reno.  On June 11th 2013, I took my last drink and my last illegal drug.  Recently I completed a 3 year DUI court program.

Through the recovery process I was able to receive my 4 year AA chip, shown above.  I also became involved in NRAP (Nevada Recovery and Prevention), this community works in the college environment to help other students learn about recovery.  Often times people think recovery is a bunch of old drunks sitting around in a room.  It can be like that.  It can also award someone like myself a lifestyle full of fun and adventure.

Recovery is all how you look at it.  I am not scared of Reno because I grew up in Detroit.  If someone like me can be sober in this town, it only shows the strength of my overall recovery.  The whole purpose of this blog is to explain the miracle!  How do I manage to hold it together in this place?  It is a combination of things.  Mostly, I have a life now!  Where before I felt like I was trapped.

There are many more details to explain.  Values, adding them to your life.  This allows me to understand who I really am.  My network is comprised of people in the recovery community.  The people I hang with shape me, I value them.

It is too easy to say to a drunk; Hey, get sober and get a life!  It is huge process to do that.  If you think I am speaking your language or you relate to anything I said?  Follow me, or shoot me some correspondence so we can connect.

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