Young People’s Meetings upset me!

I know love and tolerance are something something something…  Right!

But this is my blog and….   Young people in sobriety upset me.  They have all this LOVE, They are soo HAPPY about life..  They are so annoying!

They are all saying..  I got like 2 months sober and life is soooooooo.  I am 20-something and I am never going back to make mistakes because LIFE is SOOOO BLAHH.  People around me are so supportive!  I love Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah..

SS weed

Why is sobriety supposed to be fun You Sesame Street Gangsta’s?  Who gave these young kids all these crazy ideas?  And why do they vape so much?
SS smoke

I blame young sponsors first.  2nd I blame the young people themselves for buying the hype.  And it really is the sponsors fault for encouraging this BS behavior.  They are encouraging a behavior of (Step 1 2 3 and out)

The old 3 step!

You know what me sponsor tells me??

“I do not base life on my thoughts or feelings because I am not judged on my thoughts or feelings.  We are all judged on our actions.”

If you look at young people in recovery, at least in Reno.  They act like they are all being judged on their feelings.

They will be all happy and having a good time talking about some bullshit that no one cares about.  Laughing at how foolish they themselves act.  Making clubs and clicks ect ect…

Sure that is great, FEELINGS!  I want to know where is the substance in all this?

It is like there is some unspoken agreement.   Young drunk assholes and AA agreed along time ago.  (If we can keep the new comer laughing then maybe they will not pay attention to all the work that goes into staying sober!)  They will last one more day.  Yay sobriety!

Sure, on the opposite end of things is the old timer with 50 years who thinks he knows about everything in recovery.  I also think that this guy is a asshole.  But I do have more patience for this person then the young person.

I tolerate and actually love the old timer more then the young newcomer.

At least you know the old timer just wants to be right about something!

Just listen to a old timer for 5 mins and say the words “your right!”  They will smile and be happy.

Young people, you don’t have a clue what they want?  Do they want to take you out to lunch?  Do they want a free meal out of you, or do they want to fuck you??

Maybe its all the same to them as long as they do not drink…..  And that’s the deal?

I know I am middle aged at 34.  I can just stay out of young peoples meetings…  Sure, I do.

I stay out for all the reasons above.  I generally get upset at myself for being judgmental about things so small.  I get worked up about these things.  Quite foolish really.

I know, this is a lack of love and tolerance.  Lots and Lots….

I think it is time for me to change my home group to another group.

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Thanks B


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