Sober, what now? (about bias)

Yesterday I was in a sour mood, I took about 45 minutes to type a blog on how I feel out of place at young people’s meetings (Probably because I am older).  Unfortunately I got 107 views, my most popular blog to date.  Shame shame shame!


I was about proving a point to myself last blog.  As a side note I also wrote about self-compassion (see link) on July 30th it got 9 views.  I thought it was super positive, all about accepting yourself as you change in recovery.

This got me thinking.  Something that was really good for my recovery gets overlooked.  However, something that stirs the pot is a rage?  The facts trouble me!  But however distasteful they do have truth.

When you’re drinking or using, we do something that sorts for whatever we want out of life.  Whatever we wanted (Drugs) we found.  This is what is known as bias.  For me in my 20’s that was mushroom’s (see pic).


The same is true when you’re sober.  Whatever you want out of your sobriety you find.

I have dug around and found some great bloggers on the internet.  People expressing struggles with all kinds of addictions.  I have linked and commented on blogs that talk about real recovery.  This is great for my sobriety!

Good material about what works is on the Web if you give a shit…  Just saying.

What I said before about sober people age’s 20-30 was totally distasteful (as one person put it).  Someday, I will do some bashing of old timers, if it makes anyone feel better.

I have no bad blood or grudge toward anyone.  On the flip side, I am not at all sorry about anything I said.  Sometimes, I can really feel the way I expressed myself.  Hence, I’m a real alcoholic!

I am not the most spiritual person.  I never was.  But with the help of the 12 steps.  My higher power as I understand it.  A hell of a lot of personal counseling.  I now am more like the man my God wants me to be.

I am nothing (at 4 years) if not honest to a fault.  Yesterday I needed a topic to crank out about sobriety before midnight.  I thought, lets give this a try.

You have got to have thick skin in sobriety or some asshole with a WIFI connection will hurt you.  Really, someone is going to hurt your feelings in sobriety eventually.  It is bound to happen sooner or later.

Your sober, now what?  Or a better question is; what are you now responsible for?

3 people, yourself, your sponsor and your sponcee (if you got one).  I emphasize, yourself, yourself and YOURSELF!  ME, first and always.  I am selfish, the most important person in my recovery is ME!

All that crap I said (and it was a crappy blog), it was for myself.  If your new and reading this, my advice is, “treat anything that comes out of your mouth, as for you.”  Whatever you say, WHATEVER is for you (no one else).  With that said, that is me helping you.

Really that is me helping you the only way I know how.  That is just how I work (my character defects).

Whatever works for you has got to actually work for you.  No one, myself included should be capable of hurting what you have in sobriety!  If I can hurt you, please, DO NOT pay attention to me.

Develop a bias that sorts for the shit that helps you out!  Not one that sorts for crap like what was in my last blog.  And if I hurt you, talk to someone who cares for you.

Going forward in blogs, I will talk about war stories (they are most popular).  I will also talk about what works and does not work for me.

This will be the last time I personally back link to another forum other than my own personal media (My FB, Twitter, Linkedin, ect).  Although I did make some cool new friends who seemed to like the traffic! 😉  Thanks for the support buds.

I realized, I want my blog to get hits based on its own popularity.  Even if I did get people from 5 countries looking at what I type (Shout out to Germany, United Kingdom and Netherlands).

I learned I do not want National Enquirer attention.  I gotta be 2 legit 2 quit.  Going forward, I will be less sensational.  Keeping it real, not being dramatic, a tool, or  sensational is hard….  Just saying.

You’re sober now, so what? Or rather, who cares.  You should care, about whatever works for you.  But if you like what I say, feel free to back link and share across your own media.  Friend me on Facebook, also follow me on twitter @kingpausa.  Thanks all.

If your sober and interested in blogging set up account at  Want to comment directly on my blog do so at my WordPress Link.

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2 thoughts on “Sober, what now? (about bias)

  1. I actually read some of your last blog – couldn’t read it all because I was struggling to follow it – but I didn’t find it offensive.. It just made me laugh. I probably could have found offense if I looked closer but I figure your blog is for you, and if I don’t like it I can choose not to read it. This one, however, was very well said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool thanks for the input. I was actually being kind of a jerk. I was making fun of sober people in there 20s. Everything is all love and roses. Some people live by feelings. It works for them. I can be a total hater sometimes. I will keep posting spiritual gems littered with monkey crap. I do not know a better way. Lol


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