Dream Vacation

Brandon and Alex at Yosemite
The firewood we got burned in spite of the rain.

I finely got to Yosemite with Alex (my son). This is the last official leg of my huge summer trip. Tomorrow my boy and I will bike the Yosemite valley bike path. 

I am calculating the total number of US States we traveled to these last 2 months. I need a map!  June I picked Alex up in North Carolina.  I purchased my mustang in PA.  From there we visited family in Michigan.  I took Highway 80 from the east coast to the other side (San Francisco.) 

I counted on google maps 20 states. It may be more because of all the little states near DC.  Impossible to keep track of everything i did with my boy these last 2 months. 

Its all thanks to his dad not picking up a drink these last 4 years. This has been the trip of my life. And my sons. Alex has it way too good.  I overcompensate, I regret the time I lost with my son. 

I have not felt this free in a long time. Must always remind myself that it is “but for the grace of god.”. 

I done a lot of drugs. When they stopped working I mixed them together. I was a real animal when I was 28. 

Age 34 sees me sober.  Sitting in Yosemite near a warm fire. My boy asleep in the tent. 2 mountain bikes parked next to my mustang.  

Well, there is no high like living the dream.  My dream, I’m sure I drempt of being a cool dad!   I know Alex Loves the whole experience. He is totally spoiled. 

I started being a father again when my son was about 7.  I started to worry, maybe I’ll mess him up with my personal BS?  Maybe..  

Not being a father when Alex was 3 to 6 sure created issues to overcome. 

Im admitting, ” real dads try!”

Regardless of the pain and bullshit life hands you. Real dads show up.  We get over that shit. I got over it.  

I just did the next right thing for myself. My son, the most important person in my family. I still have influence.  I can’t tell my mom or dad anything. Alex and I have deep convention, we talk about real shit.  

For example, I asked Alex..  “Hey, what do you think about your dad being a dirt ball for years?  Now, this year I’m freaking father of the year!”.  He is like, its cool.  

I made amends to him. When he was 9, I wrote out a ninth step and told it to him toward the end of a trip, before he flew back home.  Well I sobbed like a baby. He told me he forgave me.  

Shit was weird.  Now its good.

There are little things he does. Little attitude adjustments I have to daddy up for. 

Its so foolish that I sound like I’m taking credit for these things. My idea of God has changed in sobriety. Its truely amazing what God does.  

Lol I know I said God a whole bunch. Probably too much for comfort.

Alex and his Dad really connected over summer 2017.  He knows his dad is Crazy.  But his dad knows Alex is a goofy spoiled boy.  

What I am saying is that ” while having fun”, I often call Alex out on his character defects. These days I admit my own character defects to my 10 year old son. Thank God.  

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2 thoughts on “Dream Vacation

  1. dad hi its me


    1. Say whattt! I did not know you blogged son?? Lol. Love u.


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