Like a good addict, I made 2 meetings in a row. 

I took some time off blogging.  Wanted to make sure I was for real.  I feel real this time.

I am waiting a week or so to ask for a sponsor.  Like just one week.  I want everyone to know and see that I want to commit too “doing the deal in GA.”  Self-will..  Lol

In a way.  Things feel different this time around.  One thing is the same as when I got sober 4 years ago.  I am eating Junk food.  Like non-stop!  I could be trying to get fat…

An old timer shared about GA recidivism rate!  He said, “2% of all new comers make it a year.”  “1/4th of that, or .5% of all people actually get long term recovery time in gamblers anonymous!”


Reasons?  Gambling is one of the only addictions that you do not put anything into your body.

So I am thinking…  It is like I am addicted to nothing!  I love the recovery odds, .5% for total recovery, I will bet on it! 😉

One insightful thing the old man said.  “Gambling is an emotional problem.  Most gamblers have anger issues!”

Unlike AA where everything is about resentment.  Gambling is all about Anger.

As my mother always said, “you have anger problems!”  Shit, I learned something!

Recently, what happened in life?  My son left town.  I did kick my RX meds.  “So I am off my meds!”  Haha. The last 2 days, I went to 2 meetings in a row.

I feel ready.  Let’s hope this is a start.  I know, Keep coming back.. Kid!

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Thanks for support, B


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