Major Todd’s Mission Statement (John J)

In my youth I made enemies out of people in my own life.

That is what I did with Maj Todd Hourihan (John J) during the end of my military carrier around 2008/09.  Why?  Well really… I thought my shit did not stink!  In fact, my shit did stink..  it still does stink to this day!

Major, if you do happen to come across this bolg?  Or LT Colonel (as I seen on linkedin.)  This is in no way complete satire on what I will call: (Our personal war).

Respectfully, you offered your mission statement to me a number of times.  You said something like, “Take another copy, you will see lots of good stuff inside there!”  I Immortalize this mission statement on my blog today.

Major Todd
Major Hourihan as I remember him.  

My blog is about overcoming obstacles, mostly self inflicted wounds, as you would recall.  I cover topics such as sobriety and recovery.  Most recently the 12 steps and my personal gambling addiction.  Working on this at GA.

My best guess.. The mission statement means something to me personally.  I hope to find out exactly what as I continue in recovery.

Now In its complete form..  My Company Commanders Mission Statement (re typed but UN-edited from 2008)  I even left errors in!   



MAJ Todd Hourihan

Command Philosophy

My leadership Style

-I am a patriot, Soldier, and Army Officer in that order.  It is a privilege to be an officer in the Army and I treat it that way.  Never forget the soldiers, without them we wouldn’t have a job.

–I come from a blue collared family.  My father worked hard and long hours to provide the best he could for our family.  He raised me with good morale values and honest day’s work for an honest buck.  You are born with integrity.  It is up to you to keep it.  Once your integrity is questioned or you jeopardize it you can never get it back.  (Have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing)

-Balance.  It took me over 11 years in the Army to discover what most of my peers discovered early in their careers.  Balance.  There is a life after the Army and while you are in.  Enjoy the little free time you have with Family, Friends or with a hobby.  The work will still be there in the morning.  (Unless you had suspense and you decided to blow it off or in time of War)

-My Big one and most important one Loyalty.  I’m extremely loyal to both my higher and lower.  A lot of leaders don’t do this well.  Loyalties go both ways up nd down some highers forget that and expect or demand it from their subordinates.

-Honesty (I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, almost to a fault).  It is okay not knowing all the answers.  But if you don’t know, don’t BS your Higher and subordinates (just say you don’t know).

-Weakness (some say I’m a workaholic (I’m working on that.  I’m my own worst enemy.)

-I try to listen to everyone instead of hearing them.  Hearing someone is the wrong answer.

-Team we are a team.  If we work as a team we can get there quicker, safer, and ready for the next objective

-I have and I do support the open door policy.  If my door is closed I’m in counsel. 

Expected of Subordinates

-Never lie or pencil whip something because the problem won’t go away it just continues.

-Give me 100% effort and I will do the same.  It is impossible to give more (so why do people say 110%)

-Be loyal.  If there is a problem give me a chance to work it.  If we still disagree or you sill feel wronged then there is other avenues you can go through.

-Bad news doesn’t get better with time.  Let me know bad news immediately so we can come up with Courses of Action (COAs).

My pet peeves

-Don’t try to impress me.  Your work habits and your actions impress me.  (No one likes a kiss A–).

Unaccountability of soldiers and equipment.  If you are leaving for the day let people know.  Just do not disappear.

-I will counsel my subordinates therefore; I expected others to do the same.  It will be done.  They are the future Backbone of the Army.

-Remember everyone has bad days.  Never hold a grudge.  Every day is a new day what happened yesterday is history.

-Anyone can identify a problem.  Leaders come to me with the problem and a possible solution.


Interested in a Major Todd war story.  I blogged about us here.  Thanks for reading, follow me on Twitter.  Search Brandon Pausa on FB.

Title photo Credit here.

Maj Hourihan’s personal photo credit here.


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