I played the best! Mr Pocket 8’s.

This is a true gambling story and a good story at that!

In late 2010 I was playing at Harvey’s (Lake Tahoe).

I was killing it at this 3/5 game.  I do not know why they do 3/5?  Maybe to rake more money for the house?  I was killing it, I had $1,400 as I remember it.  I was the chip leader but only by 3 or 4 hundred.    Then it happened, In walks Mr Pocket 8’s..

Jerry comes to the table!  First thing..   Before sitting down he asks if they can turn the TV station to The Heads up Poker channel.  Jerry saying, “Yeah I will be on that TV show..”  That was my cue..

Proof that I got the 8’s from Jerry.  Taken 2010


Usually once in a life-time, a moment happens that defines who you are and what you wanna be..  For me (In gambling) this is that moment.

Jerry says, “Yeah turn on the TV.”  I say, “Hey, don’t I recognize you?”  Jerry says as he shakes my hand…  “Yes, I am Jerry Yang 2007 World Series of Poker Champion!”

I go..  “Ohhhhh, your Jerry Yang WSOP champ from 2007!”  “Jerry Yang is gonna sit down and play poker with me!”  Jerry, “yes I should be on TV too!  Soon if they can find the right channel!”  Brandon, “OHHH!  I am going to play poker with Jerry Yang! While Jerry Yang watches Jerry Yang on TV!”

I shit you not I said that…

In a way… I was honest, at the time I was going for a degree in Psychology to learn more about poker.  Poker was all I cared about.  I was a fanboy and perfect study.  I did read every poker book I could find, usually twice…

Anyway game goes on..

Some time passes.  The table is having fun.  I ask the dealer, “Hey lets raise the stakes for Jerry!  Lets make it a 5/10 with a 7 dollar Vig once a half hour.”  For those of you who don’t know?  More money = bigger pots..

Badda Boom!  After some fuss and laughter, we got 100 dollar hands every couple min’s..

See, all that I just described is what I call..  The fine art of chest beating…  I was the chip leader, so I have a right to speak!  Jerry is a public personality…  I know, naturally he is aggressive, and he did welcome the challenge.

The moment comes with patience..

A couple hours in…..   ME, QQ and a 3 way flop with Jerry.  About $180 in the pot Pre-flop! Jerry raised, he was also last to act.  I smooth called, to see flop.

(Q, 10, 3) Rainbow..  I HIT!

I check to Jerry who puts in (200 Bet).

Other guy folds.

I take some time..  about 1 min.  Which is called Hollywood in poker..

(I call the $200)

Turn is a blank… Say 7!  Nothing changed, I had the Nuts!  So I check!

Jerry took a moment to be fair.  Then Jerry fires a Pot sized bet, about $550 as I recall.

I sat there thinking about Hollywood and all the lights and glamour…..  I took time really, about 2 min’s before I said “All In!”

I at least doubled the initial $550 on the turn because Jerry thought about calling for a moment…  As I recall a long moment..  Tense moment…

I just had to act like something boring was happening during this gambling defining moment of my life.

Time seemed to Freeze, the moment lasted forever…  The other players at the table did not mind, It was like TV only live!  I had messed with Jerry (just for fun).  Smooth called him with the Nuts..  And then, I checked raised the champ on the turn…  All with a look on my face, like; Is there something better on TV?

Jerry eventually called.  He really had too… (The pot was too big!)  River was another 10.  Big Boat for me!  One of if not the biggest pots of my life.  I recall leaving with over $3,500 that night.

He never showed.  And I never ask..  Because why would you want to hear a story about the truth?  Lol..

The 8’s, From Jerry

After I felted him.  Jerry said, “nice hand kid..”

Rounders..  I know…   But that was Johnny Chan..  Not Jerry Yang..   

I later asked Jerry to autograph a couple cards for me.  So I can remember the moment.  He was playing a WSOP satellite at the time.  Everyone was in those days.

Jerry said, “pocket 8’s it the name of a restaurant I bought and opened in California!”  He was currently playing in the live tournament.  I said so all could hear, “Thanks Jerry, your very aggressive!”  Jerry spoke up, “don’t tell everyone kid!”

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