Everyone likes to have a voice.

Generally, I find that how I express myself is far more important then what I say.
Sometimes I lose track of this and find myself running my mouth for no good reason.  On the other side, I over analyze simple things that do not require so much of my energy.

I got a complement today from the most strange of places.  Really I was kind of in a pinch about some team project that I fell short on.  Regardless, I dropped the ball.  When this happens I go into a damage control mode!  Think of the worst thing!  Figure out how you will handle that?

This is probably not the healthiest way to get through to people that you know.  But often I find myself backed into a corner.  Most times now, I know this is probably my fault.  It sucks, your fault hurts?    This perspective has only come through recovery and working on the 12 steps.


My conclusion is that I am Dramatic…  I am a dramatic addict.  I would be as happy being praised for my good deeds as I would being nailed up on the cross!  And just knowing does not change my behavior.

I just love the Miz!  He is so full of himself.

Today was different.  This whole situation that I described I was able to handle.  And one person noticed, I did not think this person even noticed me.   He walked up to me after and said.  “I read your blog, you do have a voice.”  He said that to me!   To me… you know what I mean?

I never thought that this person would be interested in my stuff.  I even thought I had burned another bridge in my life by running my mouth..  Something I am so good at!  But no, nothing dramatic would come from my self destructive behavior this time.

If anything I have a new found respect for this team.  I feel like I was noticed, and that I think is the reason for the fuss I create in the first place.

I guess what I mean is.  Have a voice.  Know that you have a voice.  If you can be noticed without being dramatic.  Well, that is for the best.  Give things a shot.  Thanks for reading, follow me on Facebook.  Follow me on twitter. 


2 thoughts on “Everyone likes to have a voice.

  1. Everyone has a voice. Some are louder than others and some are masked with insecurities. It’s faith that what a person says has value to others that causes some to silence their thoughts. You are smart. You are important. You are loved. Simpler words were never spoken yet hold greater power than Zeus.


    1. You just quoted Zeus! Haha! I love that.


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