Step one Afterthoughts.. Quickly

I do understand the process of considering step 1 often (daily).  But here as a after thought..  I am talking of actual step one book work.

They say..  “This is the only step you have to get right the first time.”

I feel like, you ought to get all of them right if your going through the trouble…

Step 1 to me is something like this..

Sponsor..  Are you sure?  

Troubled soul:  yes

Sponsor:  Sure?

Angry Soul:  Yes..  

Sponsor:  Absolutely Sure?  

Raged Soul:  Yes!!!  

Sponsor:  So..  Say it?

Quiet Soul:  I am done..  I have had enough..  I surrender..  

Sponsor:  Good Job!  Be Happy..  Blah Blah..  Ect…  

I know that surrender is key in my recovery.   because it opens doors to ideas and thoughts I did not have before I started this process.  I can be open to Hope..  Hope..

Hope is a bright light in the darkness of my own creation.  Hope is really all that I have going forward.

Things are so shaky being just over 30 days…  But I proceed and hope I can demonstrate some kind of humility..  Just..  For my own sake!

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Take care, B


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