Atheism onto Mere Christianity

In the last few months I have been posting step work.  I am officially in the middle of step 4.  Here, I felt compelled to post off topic of official recovery work for just a moment.

I have to draw attention to what I believe is truth.  I have to draw attention to Christianity.  I do this out of a feeling of responsibility.  I have been given hope and a willpower to overcome parts of addiction that I never thought I could before…  What else can I say about myself..  I currently have no point but…  to point to my God…

If your into some type of recovery program, your overcoming struggles that you never believed you could overcome…  I believe a man ought to want to let people know about Truth..

Honestly, I struggle with this.  All the information on the internet overwhelms me.  Information has value in life.  We believe it to be fact.  Often times in recovery, people come toward God in the strangest ways..

I have personally seen and felt faith, hope, honesty and courage in many addicts of the hopeless nature.  Many addicts have God draw them closer through the 12 step program.  I believe this is Gods work on earth.

Recovery energizes this sinners little supply of faith.  Recovery says, God is!  and it is not you!  In recovery you are to choose our God.  For myself I am Christian.  I will always be Christian.  I have questioned my faith from time to time.  But I remain Christian.

I read the Bible to move within me a power greater than myself.  I believe that the spirit of God may live within us.  This is a rather bold statement..  The Trinity..

I could preach someday!  I like the attention!  haha.  I am talking about the Holy Spirit.  Someone I became familiar with during some low points and high points in my life.

Lewis Quote        You may notice this blog has quotes from author C.S. Lewis.  I find his material helpful to my recovery.  At the bottom of this I will post a link to one of the more popular YouTube shorts about the book Mere Christianity.

What makes his books interesting is who Lewis was.  Not just the guy who wrote the chronicles of Narnia; C.S. Lewis was a atheist, and a well educated man.  His type of logical thinking is very left brain.

Whenever I am going though drastic change in my life, I become drawn closer to Christianity.  The Bible is the ultimate tool in regards to spiritual growth for myself.  The one Christian Author who often draws me toward that book is C.S. Lewis.

If you like me, you are lazy when it comes to reading.  Not to say, I don’t read!  I do love audio books too.  I must welcome the reader to browse the large selection of C.S. Lewis on you tube.  I will add one short video on my blog and on this post.

If you want a brief spiritual experience..  In a travel size..  Not more than 9 minutes!  Search on youtube: CS Lewis Doodle.  This is a small clip taken from his book Mere Christianity.

The Rival Conceptions of God (This link to C.S. Lewis doodle on youtube)  

This post is here because it ought to be here.  I am a flawed person who has learned by trail and error, one ought to know your God.  Also, I am not a preacher.  If I believe what I am saying, that also makes me quite a sinner.

I find C.S. Lewis’s argument for God to be refreshing and rational.  I linked above to a small clip of his more popular books.  I do want you to know that the audio book in its entirety is on youtube.

I would often listen to him before bed, some of his ideas I understood, some would escape me.  With repetition,  over and over again, something began to resonate…

Today I have listened to this guy so much that it has probably shaped my values.  That being said…  I hold my Theology above my Philosophy and that above my value’s.  I put God above all that because I know my values shape my actions.

And people judge your actions..  Oh trust me..

Thanks for reading.  The focus of this post has been to introduce you to C.S. Lewis.  I invite the reader to learn something about God.

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Thanks again BP.





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