About Brandon’s Recovery


Hello I am Brandon Pausa.

Brandon is educated in various aspects of recovery.  Primarily; I practice the 12 step recovery process.  I successfully completed a 3 year DUI court program.  This program consisted of treatment of alcohol and gambling addiction.

I am no expert in any of these services but I do understand the medical aspects of addiction.  I experienced first hand the chemical and physical struggle that one goes through.  At different times in life I have had to re-framed how I look at recovery.  Its a journey.

I have worked hand in hand with counselors and other trained professionals.  I enjoy helping out others when I can and depending on my capability.

Being involved means putting yourself out there even when it feels uncomfortable.  This can be a fun process, as long as I accept my character defects and learn to take it easy on myself.

Through this blog I will share the experience strength and hope.




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